Panadrex 500mg Tablets 48’s

Panadrex 500mg Tablets 48’s

12.00 AED

Panadrex  Tablets come with a patented* delivery system that enables a more rapid and efficient delivery of paracetamol to the body, offering greater reliability for effective pain relief. Compared to standard paracetamol, the Panadrex offers more consistent bioavailability, making it a more dependable pain reliever with predictable results. This advanced delivery system sets Panadrex apart as a superior choice for individuals seeking fast and efficient pain relief.


12.00 AED

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Panadrex tablets offer a formulation with paracetamol that dissolves rapidly, starting within five minutes after consumption. These tablets, created with advanced technology, are designed to provide faster and more effective pain relief than regular Panadrex tablets, with results in as little as 30 minutes. Panadrex is suitable for children aged 12 years and older, as well as adults who experience mild to moderate pain and discomfort, including headache, muscle pain, hip pain, neck pain, period pain, toothache, and osteoarthritis. The medicine in Panadrex  is safe for elderly patients and those with hypertension when taken as directed. To use, place caplet(s) in the mouth and swallow with water. For adults and children 12 years and older, take 1-2 caplets every 4 to 6 hours for effective relief of pain at both the 500 mg and 1000 mg doses. It’s important to always read the label before use.


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