OtriNatural Plus Aloe Vera Nasal Spray 50 ml

OtriNatural Plus Aloe Vera Nasal Spray 50 ml

50.00 AED

Our nasal cleanser is a pure and natural solution, free from any preservatives. It provides a gentle yet effective cleansing of your nasal airways, washing away any impurities and helping you breathe cleaner and fresher air.

By using only one or two sprays a day, you can restore your nose’s natural filtering ability against impurities, which can otherwise cause discomfort or irritation. Our nasal cleanser acts naturally to cleanse and purify your nasal passages, leaving you feeling refreshed and revitalized.

50.00 AED

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The air we breathe isn’t always visible to the naked eye, and our nose serves as a vital organ in filtering, warming, and humidifying it before it enters our lungs. However, nasal cleansing can help alleviate these issues.

Our natural and preservative-free isotonic seawater solution can make breathing easier by naturally cleaning the nasal airways and thinning and loosening nasal secretions, making them easier to remove.

Moreover, our solution also includes a natural Aloe Vera plant extract, which provides a soothing and moisturizing effect on dry and irritated nasal passages caused by low humidity, such as air travel, air conditioning, and central heating.

To maintain hygiene and prevent contamination, we recommend using the nasal spray for a single person only.


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