Fora COMFORT plus (G30a)

Fora COMFORT plus (G30a)

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The FORA COMFORT Plus is designed with features to enhance your blood glucose monitoring experience. With pre-meal and post-meal tags, you can easily track your blood sugar levels before and after meals, and with its 5-second quick results, you can get accurate readings in no time. Clinically-validated for accuracy, the COMFORT Plus is a reliable choice for simple and precise monitoring.

Powered by the Advanced Superior Sip-In (ASSI) Technology, the FORA COMFORT series solutions provide a fast and convenient blood sampling experience, improving the accuracy of the testing results. This technology also makes it easier for users to absorb the blood sample, ensuring a smooth and comfortable testing process.

90.00 AED

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The COMFORT Series Test Strips feature GOD enzyme/measurement technology and require no coding for use. With a sample volume of just 0.5μL and a measuring time of 5 seconds, they can be used with capillary whole blood from the palm, forearm, or upper arm. These test strips have a wide measurement range of 20 ~ 600 mg/dL and can calculate daily averages for 7, 14, 21, 28, 60, and 90 days. The meter has a compact design (85 x 52 x 15 mm) and weighs 41 g (without battery), making it easy to carry around. It can store up to 450 readings in its memory and has four daily alarms. The meter is powered by one CR2032 battery and features AC/PC recording, as well as connectivity options like RS-232 and BLE Dongle. Additionally, it has a universal tone to indicate test results.

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