Bepanthen Anti-Scar Gel 20 g

Bepanthen Anti-Scar Gel 20 g

120.00 AED

  • Bepanthen® Anti-Scar Gel is an effective solution to minimize the appearance of red and raised scars resulting from deep skin wounds. Although it is inevitable to form a scar after an injury that affects the dermis, the use of Bepanthen® Anti-Scar Gel can significantly optimize the final appearance of the scar. The gel’s innovative formula is specifically designed to provide proper support to help prevent the formation of excessive scarring after surgery or injuries. Bepanthen® Anti-Scar Gel can be used alone for wounds closed less than a month ago, while the Massage Ball provided with the product can be used together with the gel for wounds closed for over a month.

120.00 AED

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Product Description

Bepanthen® Anti-Scar Gel is specifically designed to prevent the formation of hypertrophic scars and also helps to soften, flatten, and reduce redness, tension, and itching associated with existing scars. It should only be used on fully closed wounds.

If the wound has been closed for less than a month, apply a thin layer of the gel to the scar twice a day, making sure to reapply after bathing, showering, or participating in sports. Use for a minimum of two months.

For wounds that have been closed for more than a month, gently massage the scar using the provided massage ball before applying the gel. This will help break up collagen fibers and enhance the effectiveness of the gel.

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